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Burr Oak Model UTB-M319-33 Hairpin Bender

Serial #33
Year: 2003

Universal Tube Bender.
Extrremely flexible bender can produce
bends in three dimensions
Does not use an internal mandrel.

For the following uses:
Automotive (brake lines, fuel lines, etc.)
HVAC (connector tubes, compressor feeder lines, etc.) Apliance (gas lines, water lines). 

Drawing #: D-128073

3/8” x 0.625” Bend Radius
½” x 1.125” Bend Radius Elliptical Groove
5/8” x 1.375” Bend Radius Elliptical Groove
Ύ” x 1.625” Bend Radius Elliptical Groove
7/8” x 1.750” Bend Radius 

Elliptical Groove tooling is designed to help keep the tubing round in the bend area.

Tube Loader
BAM controller and drives 

You might also look for some rubber safety area mats.  
Here’s your real problem:  The original machine was supplied with a BAM controller.  

Weight: 5000 lbs approx.
2 sections.
Bender: 3’W x 12’L x 5.5’H
Autoloader: 5.5’W x 6’L x 4’H



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