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Burr Oak Model VBHB-M7-5 Hairpin Bender

Serial #42369
Year: 1970

Feed:    CFCL M3-2
Cutoff:  MTCO M2-465 HL added in 1993
Min. bend length: 9" 
Max Bend Length:  84" & 144" 
7 ft. Full strip, balance to 12 ft. to be hand strip
Right Hand machine 

Standard 6 tube design
Cylinder strip

Special options:
Traveling rod support 1 piece
Tube collectors
two strip carts

Special Features:
Special extended base plate to allow roll away of feed section to
allow for hand feed of 144" straight tube lengths

Individual S&S rolls added in 1988
Stripper tube protector and round oiler added in 1993
New switch tower and end expand attachment added in 1993

Vickers hydraulic components
Allen Bradley electric components

Power: 380 volt/3 ph/50 cycle

Equipped with overhead spiral tube feed system (must confirm)  

0.375" od x 0.017" wall x 1.000 bend center x 5 tubes/cycle (in machine currently)
Extra set of feed rolls for 1/2" x 1.250" bend centers x 4 tubes per cycle = 36 rolls



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