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Burr Oak Model VBHB-M8-32RH-040290 Hairpin Bender

Serial #040290
Year: 1991

Bending section:               VBHB-M8-32RH      
Coil feed coil loader section: CFCL M4 288
Tube cutoff section:           MTCO M2 384HL 

tooled for 6 tubes x 3/8" cu
.375" od x .014" wall x 1.000 Bend center
Min bend length: 9"
Max bend length: 96"
Was running up to 76" long hairpins.
Right hand machine

Equipped with:
Stripper tube protector
Tube pickoff
Cross axis tube sizer
Station out of tube detector
Powered length adjustment
Traveling rod support
3/8" tube end expand
Tube collectors
Powered height adjustment
Cage guards and interlocks
Powered lateral adjustment

Base plate with 8" risers

Hydraulic components: vickers
Electric components: Allen Bradley
Programmable controls: Berkeley
Power voltage: 460 volt /  3 PH /  60 cycle
Control voltage: 120 volt / single phase / 60 cycle

Steel sizing and straightening rolls

may have some spare tooling parts

Coil stand: 6 position RH over-head Spiral Uncoiler

Note: Specifications from Burr Oak and may be subject to change



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