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Oak DVBHB-M124-4RH Double Vertical Hairpin Bender

Serial #021595
Year mfg: 1995

Right Hand machine 
Feed unit:   DCFCL-M5-23 (Double coil feed and coil loader)
Cutter head: DMTCO-M5-27 HL 

Length of hairpins:    5" Min. / 48" max.
When bending hairpins less than 300 mm (11.82") remove 
4 tie rod stops

Equipped with:
Safe Scan light beam safety guards

Oak 12 reel uncoiler

Tooled for 6 tubes each side = 12 tubes total.
.375" (3/8") OD x 1.00" bend centers

Located: Rockford, IL



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